Driving Home The Kindness One Quarter At A Time

, , , , , | Hopeless | June 11, 2017

(I’m a student, newly living on my own, and money is very, very tight. After work one night, I’ve gone to visit a couple of friends in their new apartment. It’s about one am when I’m heading home, and very cold, so I decide to take the bus instead of walking, even though I can’t easily afford it. The bus pulls up and I get on, and I’m putting in quarters as I chat with the driver. After a few minutes of pleasant back-and-forth, I glance down at the paybox.)

Me: “Rats. I wasn’t keeping track of how much I put in. Probably about 75 cents to a dollar. Let me dig out another dollar…”

Bus Driver: “You know what? It’s late; it’s cold; it’s close enough. Go take a seat, and have a great night!”

Me: “Really? Thanks!”

(It was only a dollar or so, but it meant I could do laundry that week instead of waiting another week, and the thought was greatly appreciated. I made sure to thank him and wish him a good night as I got off!)

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