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(I’m a bagger at a local grocery store. A woman comes through the line with a ton of stuff and one of our huge kiddie carts with her daughter who is much to old and tall for it.)

Cashier: oh your chicken’s leaking, [my name] make sure to put it in a separate bag.

Customer: It’s leaking? It shouldn’t be leaking! I don’t want it, take it off.

Customer: (as she sees her total add up) Its so expensive here! I hate this store I NEVER shop here. I always shop at [competitor]. This store is awful. I wish you guys would just close down. Weren’t you supposed to close down?

Cashier: yes we were a couple years ago but we merged with [other well known chain]

Customer: I never shop here. Not that its your fault [cashier’s name] but this place…

(she goes on like this until we finish her transaction. I walk back to the meat section to put back her chicken, and as I head back towards the front end i hear a loud crash. When I get to the front I see that the same woman has knocked over a six foot tall sunglasses display with the kiddie cart.)

Customer: Uh sorry, that could have happened to anyone! ( as she’s walking away quickly from the display) I’m not perfect!

Me: *under my breath as she’s racing away and I try to clean up the mess of sunglasses, some broken* yeah no kidding.( the kicker: she comes in almost every week!)

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