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I submitted a review on a major chain hotel that I stayed at in Florida a few weeks ago. It was a reasonably thought-out review, ultimately noting the pros and cons of the hotel (being next to an interstate, out-of-date decor, etc.); in particular, I noted that despite the meh-ness it was a better value for included early-hour access to the park chain it is near than staying at the hotels that are part of the parks.

That last bit got the review flagged for “mentioning a competitor” (even though I was clearly saying “In spite of your failings you still present a better value for money” in the specific context of the one big selling point of the hotel).

So I dropped everything to one star and wrote in the following review in an attempt to pull it:
“Due to the handling of this review, I am effectively withdrawing it. Thank you for reminding me why I stopped staying with [chain] on a regular basis two years ago.”

That “review” was promptly approved.

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