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(I live in New York. I decide to go to a restaurant that has a reputation for scamming people. My friends have told me, but I never believed them. Mostly because they are drama queens. So I decide to go to the restaurant, and I order a steak. Also, the restaurant was mostly empty. I was waiting for almost an hour for a steak. I flag down my waitress).
Me: Excuse me, I haven’t gotten my food yet.
Waitress: Yes, you fucking did. I literally brought it to you 30 minutes ago. IF YOU ARE TRYING TO SCAM US, THEN FUCK OFF, CUNT!!!
(I was taken aback from her yelling. All I did was remind her that my food wasn’t brought out).
Me: Okay, you didn’t have to yell at me.
Waitress: Well. if you and your cheap ass would stop scamming us, we wouldn’t be having this problem!
(I demanded to speak to a manager about this, because of how rude she was).
Manager: Sir, you need to pay.
Me: Your waitress didn’t even give me the bill. Also, she was very rude to me.
(I was surprised because the manager immediately just told me to pay. not ask what the problem was).
Me: I ordered a steak, didn’t get it. I was yelled at by your waitress, who also swore at me. Now I have to deal with you, someone who immediately demanded I pay.
(Suddenly, the manager lunged at me, and pulled me onto the floor. He punched me in the face, and grabbed my neck, choking me, and groped the waitress, and punched her as well. Luckily, someone had the forethought to call the police. They came out and arrested the manager for assault and battery, as well as groping and threatening to kill. The police also told me that the owner of the restaurant was arrested, and he was sentenced to 6 years for fraud. The manager got 3 years).

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