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(I’m a bagger at a grocery store. I’m pretty quick, and the cashier I usually work with is the fastest there. One day, the place is packed and we’re all working our fastest to get people out the door. Even though I’m working the lane next to the Express, our line is moving faster because everyone has one or two items, whereas everyone in the Express lane is pushing the 15 item limit. One man keeps looking over, and I think he’s debating switching lines, until he leans into our line to talk to my cashier…)

Man: You need to slow down.

Cashier: I’m sorry?

Man: You need to slow down. This is the Express lane, it’s supposed to be the fastest.

Cashier: Oh, well, you’re welcome to come over to this line.

Man: No! I’m in the Express lane! You need to slow down.

(He points to the customer we’ve just finished helping as she heads toward the exit.)

Man: She got in line after me, I should get to go first!

(We just stared at him, because neither of us knew what to say. Luckily, he was next and just grumbled and glared as his own cashier helped him.)

It Was A Humbling Time For All Of Us

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(I’m working at a coffee shop in Manhattan. Today is September 11, 2001, and it is about 20 minutes before the first reports of a plane hitting World Trade Center 1.)

Customer: “Can you hurry up? What is taking so d*** long to make my coffees?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. Usually, we have a large staff to take big orders but today most of the staff are out.”

Customer: *irritated* “Well, how is this my fault? You should be ready to take any orders that I give you! I have a big meeting at 9:00 at the World Trade Center! That makes me important and I should be the top priority!”

(I ignore him and continue making his drinks.)

Me: “Here you go, sir, your order of [ten different coffees] ready to go. Your total is [total].”

Customer: “About f****** time!”

(He rushes out, and then ten minutes later, the news stations start talking about that first plane. The whole ordeal of 9/11 happens. Then, about a week later, the same customer comes in with presumably his wife and daughter.)

Me: “Hello, sir, what is your order today?”

Customer: “Yeah, I’m not actually ordering anything, I just wanted to thank you.”

Me: “For what, sir?”

Customer: “I’m the jerk from last week yelling about his important meeting in Tower 1. The time it took for you to make my coffee made me just late enough that I was walking up to the building when the plane hit it.”

Me: *tearing up* “Oh, my God!”

Customer: “But that’s not important. You saved me from that horrible attack and I am still here for my wife and daughter.”

Customer’s Wife: *starts sobbing on her husband’s shoulder*

Customer’s Daughter: “Can I give you a hug?”

(I happily gave her a hug through my tears. Still to this day, knowing that I was able to save one family from those terrible attacks warms my heart.)

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Just Another Day In The Big Apple

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A few years ago, I took a trip to NYC with my mom and my cousin. It was a girls’ weekend to celebrate my cousin’s upcoming wedding. We spent the morning shopping and stopped in a family-owned Italian restaurant that was recommended to us. The woman who greeted us was the chef, and her elderly mother who’d started the restaurant was behind the register. There were only five tables in the whole restaurant and we were currently the only customers. 

We’d been seated and were chatting about what we wanted to do that night when my cousin suddenly stood and pointed behind my mom and me. Black smoke had started pouring from a staircase in the hallway that lead to the businesses above that one. Thinking the floor above us must be on fire, my mom ran to the back to grab the chef, while we tried to convince the elderly Italian woman, who it turned out spoke no English, to come outside. She couldn’t see the smoke from her place behind the register and kept swatting us away and scolding us in Italian. 

Finally, my cousin physically picked the lady up. Yes, it was as awkward as it sounds, but thankfully, she was a tiny lady and my cousin was strong. We got her outside and she finally saw the smoke, which was now also streaming out of the windows of the floor above her restaurant. My mom and the chef made it outside right behind us, and the mother and daughter began speaking rapidly in Italian. 

My mom took her phone out to call the fire department, but someone else must have already done that because we heard the sirens coming our way. The fire truck rounded the corner, crushing the front end of a cab in the process. That was something else to see on its own. The passengers in the back of the cab started screaming in panic, and the driver just sat there looking bored, like this happened every day.  

Thankfully, no one was hurt. We didn’t find out what had caused the fire, but at least it didn’t spread beyond the second floor. The chef thanked us for helping them, and her mother kept hugging my cousin and kissing both of her cheeks. The rest of the weekend was uneventful compared to that afternoon, and I’ve always wanted to go back and see if that restaurant was still there.

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I hostessed for two years at a very busy, very popular, casual fine dining restaurant in Midtown Manhattan with three floors: the balcony, ground floor, and basement dining room. Many great stories have come out of that place, but this one is my most favorite. It was midway into the dinner rush, and I was stationed at the ground floor entrance when I looked up and saw a rush of people running out of the balcony and to the host stand.

Panicked diners: Can you please give us a new table!?

(As we were scrambling to find new seats for 50+ guests in an already busy time, a server stationed in that area came up to me, dropped a stack of menus, threatened to quit, and relayed me the events: I had seated an older, mid-forties, wealthy man with a young, twenty-something model)

Young model to older man: Old men like you don’t have a big penis.

Older man: Oh really??

(He then stood up, pulled down his pants, and exposed himself to the entire balcony. She reacted by throwing up all over herself. We had to restrain the man, call the cops, and I had to console a crying girl on her worst date night ever.)

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This story isn’t so much about an outrageous customer as it is about a shockingly amazing employee. I walk into the (crowded) store with my friend, and we order two grande frappuccinos. As always, we pay together. We walk over to the “pick up” station of the store. One particular employee is working very hard, and she makes our drinks.

Hard Working Employee: *Finishes drinks and pours into two grande size cups. She is about to give them to us when she realizes that there is some left over.* “Do you girls want me to put these in venti cups and give you the extra?

My Friend (to her): Sure!

My Friend (to me): I have no idea what she just said.

Me: Me either, that’s why I let you reply.

Employee: *Comes back over, with two full venti cups. She puts extra whipped cream on both of them.* Here you go!

I realize that, even though it is rush hour and we did not pay for bigger drinks, this employee thought of us and provided the extra. It absolutely made my day!