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(The day is September 11, 2001, and it is about 20 minutes before the first reports of a plane hitting World Trade Center 1.)
Customer: Can you hurry up what is taking so d*** long to make my coffees?
Me: I’m sorry sir, usually we have a large staff to take big orders but today most of the staff are out.
Customer: (irritated) Well how is this my fault? You should be ready to take any order that I give you! I have a big meeting at 9:00 at the World Trade Center! That makes me important and I should be the top priority!
(I ignore him and continue making his drinks)
Me: Here you go sir, your order of (10 various different coffees) ready to go, your total is ****.
Customer: About f****** time!
(He rushes out and then 10 minutes later the news stations are talking about that first plane. The whole ordeal of 9/11 happens and then about a week later the same customer comes in with presumably his wife and daughter.)
Me: Hello sir what is your order today?
Customer: Yeah I’m not actually ordering anything, I just wanted to thank you.
Me: For what sir?
Customer: I’m the jerk from last week yelling about his important meeting in Tower 1. The time it took for you make my coffee made me just late enough that I was walking up to the building when the plane hit it.
Me: (I am tearing up at this point) Oh my god!
Customer: But that’s not important, you saved me from that horrible attack and I am still here for my wife and daughter.
Customer’s Wife: (Starts sobbing on her husband’s shoulder).
Customer’s Daughter: Can I give you a hug?
(I happily give her a hug through my tears and still to this day knowing that I was able to save one family from those terrible attacks warms my heart.)

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(I work in a book store were most people who come in have 120+ IQs but we still have some people who would lose a chess game to a potato salad, today was a very weird day when an eighty something women comes up to the desk with a giant dictionary in her hands)

Me: Hello ma’am, how may I help you?

Woman: Oh you dumb bitch!

Me: …

Woman: You say heeeeeerelnp not help!

(The woman storms out without the dictionay, the I knew why she needed the dictionary!)

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I go to the same Starbucks coffee every morning. It’s down the street from my apartment and it’s convenient to stop in on my way to work. I’m such a regular, they know my name (and it’s spelling and pronunciation!) and my order and I know all their names and details of their lives. This happens one morning when I see my favorite barista behind the register.

Customer 1: I’ll have a latte please.

Barista: Coming right up. That’s (price.)

Customer 1: Here you go.

After this the barista takes her money, gives her change and closes the register drawer.

Customer 1: Oh can you break this $5 so I can give you a tip?

Barista: No unfortunately not. Once the drawer is closed I can only re-open it for a payment.

Customer, suddenly becoming nasty: Well fine. Then I can’t give you a tip!

She walks off in a huff, still clasping the $5.

Me: Hi (Barista’s name)! My usual please! Oh and here’s $5 for a tip. No need to break it.

Barista, with a shocked face: Thank you! That’s so generous!

She’s given me discounts on orders before or free drinks for the smallest mistakes so she and the staff 100% deserved it.

A Healthy Marriage

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([Doctor #1] and [Doctor #2] are married. [Doctor #1] is a neurosurgeon and [Doctor #2] works in the NICU. They’ve made a cake for a coworker’s birthday.)

Doctor #2: “Can we write anything better than just, ‘Happy Birthday, [Coworker]!’ on the cake?”

Doctor #1: You have doctor handwriting and can’t write anything on the cake.”

Doctor #2: “You’re also a doctor!”

Doctor #1: *jokingly* “Excuse me. Neurosurgery is the calligraphy of medicine. These hands are the surgeon’s hands! Artist’s hands!”

Doctor #2: *laughing* “Okay, Dr. Artist, go ahead.”

([Doctor #1] grabs the frosting and accidentally leans on the tray the cake is sitting on. The tray scoots backward and he grabs it to stop it from falling off the counter, but he misjudges the weight and pulls it off the counter towards him. Instinct kicks in and he tries to catch it with his foot but ends up punting it directly into a wall.)

Doctor #2: *sitting on the ground and crying with laughter* “If you ever come into the NICU and try to touch a baby, I’ll have you shot.”

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(I am waiting behind a woman at a local Japanese-style teriyaki joint in my local mall’s food court. She doesn’t seem to be paying too much attention to the signs on the counter that detail different prices for add-ons and side dishes, while I’m very familiar with their menu.)

Cashier: Hello! What can I get you today?

Woman: Let me get the…daily special. The chicken teriyaki with the rice.

Cashier: White or fried?

Woman: What?

Cashier: White rice or fried rice?

Woman: Fried.

(The cashier proceeds to get the woman’s tray ready and waits for her to finish.)

Woman: What are the prices on the drinks?

Cashier: *showing her the two cup sizes* This is $1.59, this is $1.79.

Woman: Let me get the $1.59 one. You got [soda brand]?

Cashier: We do!

(She rings up the woman’s order and then tells the woman the total.)

Woman: Wait, that can’t be right. The special is [amount]. It should be lower.

Cashier: You asked for fried rice. It’s fifty cents extra. *points to the shiny and colorful sign saying just that*

Woman: *not paying attention* What?! You should have a sign saying that instead of just asking white or fried rice!

(The woman’s just as huffy when she’s waiting for her food. I guess some people can’t read signs when they’re in a bad mood!)