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*I work IT Service Desk for a retail company. We recently rolled out a new HR system. The username is the employee’s company email address. When they go through the initial account set up, the system tells them this, however since many of the salespeople don’t actually use their company email regularly, they tend to forget the username. The format is firstname.lastname@[companyname] com*

Caller: I’ve locked myself out of [HR system]

Me: Ok, let me take a look at your account. And just really quick, you are using your email address right? Firstname.Lastname@[companyname] com?

Caller: Right. Firstnamelastname

Me: No, firstname.lastname@[companyname] com

Caller: Yes, firstnamelastname. I need a password.

Me: Let me get you a temporary password. *provides password* And make sure you use firstname.lastname@[companyname] com

Caller: That didn’t work. Let me try again, is this the password? *repeats password*

Me: Yes

Caller: That’s still not working. Wait, what’s the username again?

Me: It’s your email address: firstname.lastname@[companyname] com

Caller: Not firstnamelastname?

Me: No; Your firstname “period” your lastname

Caller: It’s working!

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