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[It’s shortly after we open for business. A woman walks in wanting to return an item she purchased the day before. Having rung her out originally, I know she paid for the item using a small gift card and a large amount of cash (over $100 in cash.)]
Me: How would you like your refund today? I’m going to put the amount you paid with the gift card back on a merchandise card for you, but for the cash portion, I can either put that on the merchandise card as well or we can send you a check from corporate for the remains balance. It’ll take a couple weeks, though.
Customer: But I paid cash, I want my cash back.
Me: I understand, unfortunately, we just opened for the day so I don’t have enough cash in my till to give you back the amount you paid in cash (at this point, my till only has fives, ones, and change.)
Customer: But I don’t want another merchandise credit.
Me: I can refund you, but at this point, all I can offer is a Home Office check or the merchandise credit, it’s your choice.
Customer: So I can’t get my cash back?
Me: I would love to give you your cash back, but I do not have enough in my till to do so.
Customer: The check will take too long, just give me the merchandise credit I guess.
Me: Alright, I apologize for that. (I scan her merchandise card again and process the return.)
Customer: You know, I should’ve just used my debit card, so much less complicated.

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