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I was working our buisiest day of the year, and we couldnt take breaks due to this day, one of my coworkers got lucky and was sick so i was stuck pulling a double about halfway through my shift a customer pulls in to our dine in. (We are like a 50s drive in.) I go out to take his order.
Me: hi! How are you doing today?
Him: hot as hell. I just want a fresh peach shake.
Me: no problem, but it will be about a 10 minute wait because thats what everyone is ordering today, and we have to help people in order is that alright?
Him:sure! No problem thanks for letting me know!
I go back inside to run more shakes out. About 5 minutes later this guy comes in the employees only entry, and starts screaming.
the store owner is there and very busy with helping the cooks, he looks at me and mouths “get him out of here”
Me: Sir, i told you it would be a 10 minute wait if you go back out to your car, i can see if i can give you a small fry free of charge for the inconvinence.
Him:Finally some respect. I expect them to have extra salt and 4 packets of fry scause.
He goes out to his car, and 4 minutes later i bring him his shake and a small fry with the scause.
Me: Here ya go sir, your total is *.**.
Me: the fries? Yes, but since we are busy and short handed i must ask for your payment or i can call the police.
Him: i dont want this damn shake! I asked for a mint oreo!!
He then proceeds to throw the shake at me and it splashes all over my shirt and hair. My brother who is also a manager watched the whole thing and came out with the owner in tow.
Brother: sir, we beed to ask you to leave.
Him:make me! She was being incredibly rude and called me a retard! She told me these were free!
Owner: you get out of here before i call the cops! I know your licence plate and since you have harassed my employee, you are never welcome back here. (My name) go home snd change, dont come back until 5. You deserve it.
I walk away and when i come back i hear the guy tried to swindle us for a free shake and cops were called. Its almost that time of year again and im not looking forward to it.

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