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I work for a small company that has a few souvenir shops in a small radius.= The next shop is about five minutes away on the same street. There are two= of us working in the shop and it’s around half an hour until we close= and the store is relatively busy. A woman walks in and takes her time look= ing around the store and picking out things. In the end she walks up to the= register.

Customer: Hello, could you help me find a few things? My sister is in your = other shop down the street and we couldn’t find some of the right item= s so the employees there told us we could come over here and pick them out.=
Me: Sure thing! My coworker can help you find your items.

Since it’s quite a busy night, there’s a long line in our very sm= all shop, so I don’t pay attention to what they’re doing and try = to finish the line as fast as I can. It’s around 5 minutes until we cl= ose when she comes back up to the register.

Customer: My sister is still in your other shop and I was wondering if I ca= n just purchase these items here, and then run over to the other store and = help her finish her purchases there.
Me: Well, it’s only 5 minutes until we close, I’m not sure you ca= n make it in time.
Customer: Oh, alright, actually it’s probably easier to buy all the it= ems here, you seem to have everything we want here. Could you help me find = the rest of the items?
Me: Sure thing!

I start helping her find t-shirts for probably every single family member. = It takes a while since she is not in a hurry at all, and is taking her time= picking everything out. I’d like to mention that she has been in the = store for about 20-30 minutes at that point, and she started out with her s= ister in the other shop, so she has had a very long time to decide. I remin= d her that we are closing. She has gathered all the items 10 minutes past c= losing and we can finally ring her up.

Me: Alright that will be (quite a large amount)
Customer: Okay, can I pay in euros? (We don’t use euros here, but we d= o accept them)
Me: Sure, but we only take the bills, and your change will be in our curren= cy.
Customer: Oh, that’s no good, I’m leaving tomorrow morning, I can= ‘t use your currency anywhere else.

She takes a bit of time to decide that she will pay partly with euros and t= he rest on her card. We pack everything up and put it in a bag. I’m ve= ry relieved that this is ending, but then the phone rings. It’s from t= he other shop:

Coworker: Hi, I have a lady here who says her sister is in your shop.
Me: That’s right, she’s here.
Customer: Is this the other shop? Is me sister still there?
Me: Yes she is
Customer: Can I talk to her?
Me: (I’m getting a bit tired of this woman, since it’s more than = 10 minutes past closing, and we are not allowed to let customers talk on th= e phone anyways) I can ask them to tell her to meet you here, is that okay?=
Customer: Yes, that’s fine!

She finally leaves, going in the direction of the other shop. We finish up = and leave. I did not hear the rest of the story until much later from my co= worker who was in the other store.
The lady had decided to walk to the other store, since her sister wasn&#039= ;t there yet. My coworkers had finally finished helping her sister and she = is leaving the store. At that point they find out that they had both bought= everything they were going to buy, so they had two of everything. Great pl= anning there. So they start knocking on the door of the shop until my cowor= kers come out. They start demanding a refund for one of the purchases, but = since our shop has a strict no refunds, only store credit policy it is not = possible. Also, it’s over 20 minutes past closing and they have closed= the register. So even if they wanted to, they couldn’t do it. Of cour= se the sisters are not happy with this, and one of them even starts crying.= My coworkers try to explain how they can’t do anything about this, bu= t they’re not having it. They end up asking for our employer’s em= ail address so they can complain about how rude we all were (me and my cowo= rker were mentioned there as well). We are still waiting on that email to t= his day.

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