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– client has called our veterinary hospital and made an appointment with the doctor because her new dog hasn’t been eating well. This client has a history of odd behavior with her pets.

Me: -going into exam room with pet owner- I heard that Bella hasn’t been feeling well, is that right?
Her: she hadn’t been eating.
Me: When was the last time she ate?
Her: I don’t know.
Me:how long has she not been wanting to eat?
Her: I don’t know.
Me: when was the last time you fed her?
Her: 3 days ago I think. She didn’t want to eat that morning and I haven’t fed her since… She hasn’t asked me for food.
Me: -lost for words-
Her: if she was hungry she would ask for food! I’m not going to give her food if she doesn’t ask! She hasn’t asked, so here we are!

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