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This happened today at a well known sandwich shop near my work.

A couple standing ahead of me in the queue approaches the server to ask for their sandwiches and they decide they both want two foot long sandwiches each. The server proceeds to start them off then moves them down the line and calls “Next customer please”

However the couple suddenly decides they aren’t done and requests two six inch subs in addition. the server moves to make these whilst further down the line the first two subs are out of the oven and the next server is asking for what salads they want. The first server has now finished the next two subs moves them down the line and of course “Next customer please”

But the couple still aren’t done, they order two portions of nachos. by this point the line is building up and the sandwiches are pilling up on the line as they couple struggles to work out what salads and sauces they want. With impressive speed the server whips up two portions of nachos (One Chicken and one steak) and moves them down the line and again calls “next customer please”

Just as the other customers and I seem to sigh in relief that we might finally get a chance to order our own lunch. The man speaks up and requests ANOTHER two foot long subs. By the time the SIX subs are being given the salad and sauces they staff are rushing to clear the backlog of sandwiches. Fortunately the couple has finally agreed that they are finished and moves down the line to pay.

The woman ahead of me places her order and her sandwich ends up lost in the backlog of subs from earlier. By the time my own sub is being completed the couple has left but I notice the woman ahead of me is paying while there is still a sub on the counter between mine and hers.

Me: Umm, sorry but you may want to check they are giving you the right sub since there is one on the counter behind the one you are paying for and it isn’t mine.

Woman: That’s the meatball sub right?

Staff: Yes meatball yes!

She pays and leaves and the staff member working the counter tries to charge me for the random foot long. Seconds later the woman returns having been given the wrong sub…

I honestly cant fault the staff, this was the middle of the lunch rush and they did their best to keep up with the couple.

Honestly, if you are going to place a large order in a restaurant like this, warn the staff upfront.