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(My boyfriend and I have just checked into a hotel, and we get into our room. It’s about 1pm, and we hear a cart stop just in front of our door.)

Me, to the boyfriend: How funny would it be if that was room service?

(Right on cue…)

Woman: *Knock knock* “Room service!”

(I answer the door.)

Woman: *glancing around* Oh! Wrong room. You must have just checked in – sorry! Have a great night!

Me: That’s all right, no worries, you too!

(Boyfriend and I shrug and laugh it off, and we begin to unpack for the week.)

(Not five minutes later…)

Different woman: *knock knock* Room service!

Me: *opening door* Uh, yeah, hi, another person went by – we JUST checked in and…

Different woman: Oh! My apologies! Wrong room!

Me: No worries…

(Again we both shrug it off…but then half an hour later!)

Totally different woman: *knock knock* Room service!

Me: *opening door* Aha, okay, seriously, guys, this is the third time…

Totally different woman: *glancing around, then glancing at the clipboard in her hand* Third time? Really? Okay, I am so sorry to bother you, I’ll see it’s fixed. You both have a great night!

Me: Right, you too…

(Luckily the last woman must have fixed it, because we were not bothered the rest of the day!)

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