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(I’m grocery shopping and one of my items rings up wrong, so I go to the customer service counter to get it corrected. It’s worth noting that I’m Basque, but I’m quite light-skinned and dye my hair red, and most people assume I’m white. I arrive at the customer service counter a step ahead of a pair of teenage Hispanic boys coming from the other direction, and the clerk turns to help me first.)

Boy 1: What, you’re so much better than me and that’s why you get to go first, b***h?

(I ignore him and explain the error on the receipt, and the clerk starts processing my refund.)

Boy 1: Don’t ignore me, you f*****g b***h! God, these white c**ts are all the same, thinking they got the right to cut in front of everyone else. SOME PEOPLE just don’t have any f*****g courtesy! (To the clerk, who is Asian) Aren’t you so f*****g sick of being pushed around by white people?

Clerk (clearly uncomfortable): She was here first, sir.

Boy 1: That’s b******t! White b***h cut in front of me!

Me (mildly, more perplexed than angry): Not that it’ll really matter much, but I’m actually Basque, not Caucasian.


Boy 2: Dude, let’s just go, seriously…

Boy 1: NO! THIS F*****G LYING B***H CUT ME AND NOW SHE’S SASSING ME! She thinks she’s soooo much better than me, this is such f*****g b******t! Is that what it is, b***h? You’re better than me?

(Around this time the clerk finishes processing my refund. She gives me my change, and I thank her and head out. The whole thing has taken about a minute.)


(As I’m leaving, I hear the clerk telling him that because he threatened another customer, she didn’t feel comfortable serving him, and if he didn’t leave the store, she’d have security remove him. Another wave of screaming erupts, and I glance back in time to see a manager and two security guards heading over, and the guy’s poor friend trying frantically to get him to leave. I had to grin a little. Many thanks to that awesome clerk for handling it with such applomb!)

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