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I had just recently completed my introductory training to work in the electronics department, and had gotten stuck doing the Sunday closing shift by myself due to lack of staff. Around 8:30, a man walks up to the electronics department counter and asks about signing up for a phone contract. I inform him that I was unable to perform that task as the system that handles that task was shut down.

And then I noticed that he was carrying a lit cigarette in his hand. I informed him that he shouldn’t be smoking in the store, but he gave me a blank stare. I excused myself, and went into the back to look for a manager. Upon finding the overnight assistant manager in the office, I told him of the man at my counter with the cigarette. He followed me to the counter and then confronted him. I left the area as I figured that the manager would handle the customer.

Around 20 minutes later I came back to see the customer sitting on the ground with three police officers talking among themselves. One of them proceeded to get the handcuffed man off of the ground and they all escorted him out of the store.

Two days later on my next shift, I let my fellow electronics associates know of what happened on Sunday, and they filled me in on the missing details. It still amazes me that the man had made it through a large portion of the store with a lit marijuana joint. I was not surprised that I did not know that as I had never had contact with pot before.

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