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Our office moved four months prior to this call. We’re only about a mile away from the old location. The old location is not occupied so we have a stack of printed maps (including very easy directions to our new location), we have displayed a page on the door with all our contact information and even have a QR code hung up that links to a map of our new location on it.

Me: Good morning, (business name)!

Caller: Hi, I’m at your office but you aren’t here.

Me: Are you at our old location? We moved about four months ago.

C: Yes, how do I get to your new office.

M: Did you notice the stack of maps hung up in a container on the window there?

C: Yes, I have it in my hands.

M: OK great! That has a map AND directions to the new place, feel free to follow that right over to us, we’re not very far away!

C: Just give me the directions.

M: OK … (gives directions almost verbatim from the map in his hands)

C: OK, got it I think … what’s the address?

M: (gives new address) You know, that’s also on that map and directions you have in your hand there. You can also scan the QR code on the window there that will take you to our website.

C: (repeats address I just gave) I’ll just put it in my GPS.

By some miracle, he showed up at the office about five minutes later, telling us we weren’t very hard to find.

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