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(I’m a 23 year old female cashier. I’m almost deaf, and I’m left handed at a register normally made for right handed people, so it was kinda clunky. My customer is an older black woman.)

Me: your total is (total).

Customer: do you use the chips?

Me: yes, we use them. Just stick it on in.

(After two tries, the register declines the card, suggesting she contact the issuer of the card she used.)

Customer: I have another card in my car. Can I grab it?

Me: No problem.

(Five minutes later)

Customer: I found the card, but this is embarrassing. Why’d you make it so difficult? Why didn’t you tell me you take the chips?

Me: … I did, ma’am.

Customer: no, you said to swipe it. I know I have money in my account! See?!

(For a reason out of my control, the same card worked. I later found out she called her bank while she was out.)

Me: I said before though that we use the chips. It couldn’t have been declined without you inserting the chip first.

Customer: you really need to provide better suggestions to your customers! This was so embarrassing! If only you told me you used chips!

(I ignore her and she leaves)

Next customer: ummm… what was that? Does she think you personally approve or decline cards?

Me: I’ll believe anything at this point.

(I found out she called to complain later, but my manager told her exactly what I said, so we joked about it.)