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(I used to work behind the counter of this self-service restaurant. Note that I am not very good at confrontation, even when necessary. One evening, there’s a line of customers waiting to pay for their food. The lady in front is paying, but she seems to have some trouble to find enough cash in her wallet. To be honest, she’s really slow! At some point, the man behind her gets agitated.)

Customer 2: ‘Could you hurry up?’

Customer 1: ‘No need to be so rude! Come on!’

Customer 2: ‘No, but the tray I’m carrying is quite heavy, you see. And that goes for all the people in line waiting.’

Customer 1: ‘Well, I’m not standing here for fun too, you know!’

(At that point, customer 1’s husband arrives. A firm bloke.)

Husband: ‘What’s happening here?’

Customer 1: ‘He told me to hurry up?’

Customer 2: ‘Yeah, well, it was taking really long!’

(At this point, I am really annoyed and want to intervene, but due to my recessive nature, I don’t know how.)

Me: ‘Could you please do this somewhere else?’

(They all ignore me. Customer 1’s husband even makes a really weird statement.)

Husband: ‘You can’t tell her to hurry up. “Hurry up”? What “hurry up”? That’s how you talk to your friends, but not to me! Hurry up yourself!’

(Finally customer 1 and her husband walk off. Customer 2 pays and walks off as well.)

Customer 3: *Jokingly* ‘Oh dear? Can we eat safely?’