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I work on take out at a popular restaurant chain. We have a new thing going where customers can get what’s called a pasta station. It comes with all the pasta and sauces and toppings and stuff individually so they can mix and match their own plate. On top of that we give all the set up stuff like wire racks, pans, heating pieces and that kind of thing.

So i get in in the morning and we have an order for a pasta station for 30 people. Now this is a ton of food. I’m talking 6 huge trays of various pastas, 8 trays of sauces and 9 trays of toppings and 3 jumbo salads. In total i had about 10 massive bags for the entire order. The pick up was for 12 and since i open at 11 i only had an hour to get it all together. So long story short i ran around like a maniac trying to get it all done since i was the only one on at the time.

At almost 12 on the dot my manager gets a phone call from the lady who ordered saying that she will be anywhere from 45 minutes to a few hours late. I’m a little annoyed but i relax since it gives me more time to finish getting everything together. As the morning continues i had hardly any orders so that means no tips coming my way. Finally at 2:30 while i’m trying to help another 3 customers the lady finally shows up. I am very helpful and put off my other orders to get her all together. I wrangled some of my coworkers to help bring everything to her car and she seemed really happy with everything. I go ring her in and her bill is about 450$. She leaves and i check the receipt, no tip.

I was so pissed off i wanted to punch her in the face.