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(I am waiting at a UPS store to get a paper notarized and I overhear one of the employees on the phone with a customer.)

Employee, after being in the phone for a few minutes: Wait, what? You can’t come in and get a paper notarized for your sister…. because you’re not your sister, that’s why. No, you can’t just pretend to be your sister, that’s not how that works…

(This goes on for a while.)

Employee: For the love of God, I cannot notarize a paper for your sister without your sister actually being here!

Customer: I’M PAYING YOUR SALARY YOU ASSHOLE! You’re telling ME that I can’t get my paper NOTARIZED just because I’m not my sister! Well I’m sorry that I’m not her! ALL ANYONE EVER CARES ABOUT IS MY SISTER. PAY ATTENTION TO ME FOR ONCE! I’M A F*CKING PRINCESS!

(No wonder her sister seemed to be more well-liked, as she later came in and apologized for her sibling’s bad behavior over the phone, and was surprisingly nice about it. The funny thing? She didn’t even need that paper notarized, she needed it mailed, which her sibling totally could have done for her without her screaming breakdown over the phone.)