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(It’s important to know that I work in a bbq smoke house type of restaurant. One of the more popular types of meat is called brisket and the cut can weigh anywhere from 5 to 9 pounds from what I’ve seen. Part of my job is to take call in orders from the phone and when it’s busy it can be a bit of a challenge.)
Me: “hello thanks for calling [here]. How can I help you?”
Customer: “hello, I was in the other day and the owner helped me buy some brisket so I’d like to order some more of that.”
Me: “no problem, how would you like that?(it can come in a meal, sandwich or on its own.)”
Customer: “I just want a brisket.”
Me: “so a pound?”
(At this point I was baffled because we have just finished up one rush and they were insisting on a brisket. This was when I was still new but I had a feeling they didn’t want a whole brisket.)
Me: “sir, I don’t think you want a whole brisket.”
Customer: “you don’t know what I want, and I don’t know what I want so get me someone who does!”
At this point I muted the phone for a moment to try and calm down since the customer is getting more angry.
Me: “sir, I think that you want a pound of brisket. Does that sound good for you?”
Customer: “yes, that’s perfect. Thank you.”
After I gave them the pick up time they hung up and I while I was happy to help I wish they had been listening or at least attempted to make an effort. Though they did tell my boss that I was going a great job and very helpful.

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