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(A few years ago, I went with my dad to go see “Zero Dark Thirty”. We were a few seats away from a group of young kids likely between the ages of ten and thirteen. They talked loudly during the previews and the first few minutes of the film. Luckily, they kept quiet shortly after… Until about an hour into the film.)

Character in the film: “…And they have slaughtered our forward deployed! And what the f*** have we done about it, huh?!”

One of the kids: “Nothing!”

(They start talking and laughing really loudly again for the next few minutes. I was about to go over to tell them to shut up, but I see an elderly woman already chewing them out.)

Woman: “You’re being very rude. If you guys don’t be quiet, I’m gonna go get security.”

(About two minutes after that, they start talking and giggling loudly again. This time, the woman leaves to go get security. Just a few seconds later, the kids get up and leave the theater. I later realize that they probably snuck in. It was an R-rated movie and they didn’t have an adult with them.)