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(At the fast food chain I work at, there’s a coupon that has a two for five dollar chicken selection. You can choose between our three chicken sandwiches or a three piece chicken tender, labelled as “prime chicken tender cuts.” This is stated on the coupon. I’m working at the register when this customer comes up.)
Me: Hi! Is this for here or to go?
Customer: For here. I want to use this. *holds up two for five dollar chicken coupon*
Me: Alright! What chicken did you want to select?
Customer: I’ll take a [standard chicken sandwich], and… *trails off and looks at coupon, then back at me* Does the prime tender cut come with ham?
Me: *thinking I misheard* I’m sorry?
Customer: Does the prime tender cut come with ham on it?
Me: Does the…three piece chicken tenders… come with ham?
Customer: *nods*
Me: No, it doesn’t.
Customer: Oh, okay. I’ll have the prime tender cut.
(I think that’s the end of it, until later, when my manager calls out their name and hands out the food to them.)
Customer: What’s this? *pointing at chicken tenders*
Manager: That’s our three piece chicken tender.
Customer: I ordered the prime chicken tender cut.
Manager: … Yes. Those are our chicken tenders.
Customer: Oh. *takes tray and starts to walk away* I thought it was a sandwich.
(After the customer walks away, my manager and I exchange a look. We’ve had our fair share of ‘not always there’ customers, but never had a customer that mistook the chicken tenders as a sandwich!)

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