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I’m currently straightening out the aisles of my assigned section when I hear a lady call me over to the beginning of the aisle. Note that I keep a regular shopping cart with me to place misplaced and damaged product in.

Customer: “Is this your cart, miss?”

I look at the cart, which I had already filled up about halfway with different stuff, with most of the contents having been taken out and thrown onto the endcap it was in front of.

Me: “…umm, yes it is.”

Customer: “Oh, well, my husband is in that aisle over there with a mirror that we need a cart to carry. It’s alright if I take this one, right?”

At this point I’m not even sure what to say so I just take the last few remaining items and let her take it and went and got a new one. One of the items that had been in the cart was a broken bag of candy that she then complained about spilling into the cart after she had picked it up to move it. I just thought it was extremely rude and would have gladly helped them bring the item to the registers and even to their car had they asked.

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