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As usual I have a huge job list which involves the relaying of a whole section to add new stock as well as serving customers at our front counter and am supposed to clear stock from another area, all in a 5 hour shift. I am returning to the section after being called up to the counter to serve a customer, when a woman walks up to me, I am wearing the store’s uniform.

Me “Hi, can I help you with anything?”

Woman “Oh you work here?”

Me “Yes I do”

Woman “I leave mess, you clean it” *walks off.

I go to where she’s pointed to find that she’d opened packages and pulled out metres of product, knotting it in the process and strewing it over the floor.

It takes me ages to tidy it up so others don’t trip on it, as a result I don’t get to finish assigned tasks within the set time period and get lectured on improving my time management skills.

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