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So I was working on my 21st birthday and it was fairly slow at the restaurant. We had a reservation of 5 people and I took their table. They were very talkative and friendly, super awesome people. They mentioned that it was one of their birthdays and they were going to see a show afterwards. I said that it was my birthday as well, my 21st. They were so happy for me and asked me what I had planned after work. They were joking around saying their 21st birthdays were back in the early 1900s! I had some other tables, so I left their almost $200 check and went to do my other work.
I saw that they were leaving so I walked over to the door, saying goodbye and to enjoy the show they were seeing. The older woman that paid the bill leaned over to me.
Customer: We left you a little birthday present. Enjoy your 21st, you only get one!
Me: Thank you so much, you should not have done that!
I walked over to the table and see that they have left a “Happy Birthday” note with $21 ON TOP of the 20% tip they left me for the bill. Not all customers are asswipes!

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