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(I currently work at a fast food restaurant that has an offer attached to every receipt: if you call the number and take a quick survey about your experience, they give you a code to write on your receipt. If you bring the receipt and code back into the restaurant, you can get two sandwiches for the price of one. There’s a trick that only the managers know to differentiate between real and fake codes. A man comes in with a receipt and code and I flag over a manager to validate it.)

Manager: I’m sorry, this isn’t a valid code, I can’t accept this.

Man: What?! I just called the number two hours ago and this is the code they gave me! How the hell do you know what is and isn’t a valid code?

Manager: There are certains things we’re taught to look for in the codes and this code is missing those things.

Man: This is bullshit! This is the second time you guys have done this to me!

(Note that I was also the cashier the first time he came by with a fake code. At this point, leave to take care of a different order but I return just in time to hear this gem.)

Man: Well, this is the last time you ever see my smiling face in this store! *storms out with his receipt and not ordering anything*

Me: *once he’s done* But we’ve /never/ seen your face in this store…