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(I was monitoring the self scans at the grocery store I work a one day and a customer was having issues with the price of a certain type of apple ringing up incorrectly.)

Me: “Is something wrong?”

Customer: “Yes. It said in the weekly circular that Gala Apples were $1.49 a pound. And right now they are coming up $2.27 a pound.”

(I knew the apples were $1.49 a pound so I fixed the price by removing the apples from the transaction and putting in the apples in for $2.98 as the total since the apples weighed 2 pounds.)

Customer: ” Why did you put the price in for $2.98 a pound? ”

(I quickly checks to see what the price I put in was actually $2.98 and it wasn’t weighting the apples as $2.98 a pound which it wasn’t)

Customer: “What did you just put in a random number in for the price?”

Me: “No. The apples weighted 2 pounds. They are $1.49 a pound. Two times 1.49 is $2.98 which is the total price for the apples.”

(The shakes his head like I just spoken in another language)

Me: “The price is accurate sir. I can go grab a calculator to show you?”

Customer: “I do not want an approximator helping with my purchase.”

Me: “So do you want the apples or no?..”

Customer: “No.”