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I’m running a self service area of about eight brand new registers when this young woman and her dad show up. The woman grabs her items from the cart, and slams them against the machine, causing it to freeze.

customer: Well this machine is broken!

She then repeats this at two more machines, causing the same malfunction. I am going along behind her resetting the machines and voiding out her in progress transactions.

I call my manager over, and another customer has come, and was about to start her own transaction, but is cut off by the first customer.

customer: Dont use them, they’re all broken!

I’m not allowed to say the woman is wrong, so I just say sorry, and go back to fixing the machines.

customer: None of these f***ing machines work.

me: Well you have to be gentle with them, I’m sorry.

After a glare, and five seconds of waiting, she throws her items back in the cart and starts walking off.

customer: I’ll go find a lane to check out. I’m not f***ing waiting for someone who isnt f***ing coming.

Almost immediately after, the manager showed up, and the machines were working.