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We work with councils and don’t do work for the general public. I am answering the phone during an office day.  It is 4.30pm and most rangers finish at 5pm.
Me: [Company Name], [My name] speaking.  How can I help you?
Caller:  What time do you close?  I want to hire a boat.
Me: I think you have the wrong number, we’re a ranger service.
Caller:  What?  You don’t do boats?
Me: No, we work for various councils.  We are a ranger team.
Caller:  You’re not [other Company who we work with occansionally]? (They also close at 5pm)
Me:  No this is [Company Name].
Caller:  It says you work in partnership on the website.
Me:  All our work is partner working.   Would you like [Other Company]’s Centre number?
Caller:  Yeah, I guess.
I gave him the number, which I had to repeat several times before he hung up muttering to himself.  This is a all too frequent occurence but not the strangest call we’ve had.