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(I was  twenty years old and was new to working maintenance for *** grocery store. So far I hadn’t met many customers but one day some shelves broken in an aisle and I was fixing them while the aisle was blocked of for only about twenty minutes)

Customer: “What’s going on here I need to get some tomato sauce”

Me: (noticing her cart is fairly empty) “If you could finish your other shopping I should be done and you can get what you need”

Customer: “but I’m going to forget could you just grab me a can of *** sauce”

Me: (containing my anger) sure (grabs wrong can) “here you go ma’am”

Customer: “no you’re too incompetent I’ll get it my self”

(She then entered the closed-off aisle grabs a can and hits me with her cart. I fell over and the whole wall-piece that the shelves are connected to starts falling and I’m having trouble holding it up with all the products)

Customer in next aisle with his mother: (sees wall falling) “oh my god. Sir do you need help?”

Me: “yes please Help!!!”

Young Customer: “OK on the count of three, one, two THREE”

(We fix the shelf and I walk over to the next aisle and see the customer was only 14 to 16  years old)

Me: “thank you so much”

Young Customer: “no problem, anything to help”

I tell him and his mother not to move and I finish fixing the shelves and proceed to go with them to checkout where I gave them my employee discount on their full purchase and threw in a new pair of headphones for her son)

Them: “thank you so much” “you didnt have to do that” “we are ALWAYS shopping here”

(The woman who hit me was banned from the store and I saw that Boy and his mother every week for the next year until I resigned)

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