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(It is employee appreciation week at my work and we are allowed and encouraged to wear jeans instead of our usual required uniform as long as we dress as the theme forvthe day. This day is “dress as your favorite cartoon character” day. I’m dressed as Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony which includes wings. My coworker is dressed as Finn the human from Adventure Time.)

Elderly man customer: What’s with the oitfits?

Me: oh, we get to dress up as part if employee appreciation week!

Customer: well you look like an angel.

Me: thanks, but im actually dressed as a my little pony. We get to dress as cartoon characters today. (I cash out his sale and start getting his change.)

Customer: ah. (Looks at my coworker.) And you look like..

(I think he’s goingbto say something about marshmallows.)

Customer: …a child molester.

(My coworker and I nearly die laughing, especially me, and I nearly slam my hand into the cash drawar in the process. The man leaves and we both agree that THAT was not what we expected. Wow.)

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