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Me: “Hello guest services. How can I–?”

Guest: “Help! Help!”

Me: “What can I help you wit–”

Guest: “There’s a fight next door! Screaming and crying!”

(I said that I’ll send security to go and see. At once when I hang up, the phone is ringing off the hook with the same thing: a fight broke out in of the rooms. The following is what security told me he found out:)

Security: *hearing loud blows from room* “Security! Open up! NOW!”

(After a while the door opens and a guy with bloody fists is there, next to a cowering girl with a puffy face.)

Security: “Sir, move away from her NOW!”

Guy: “This is between me and my woman! Butt out, pig!”

(He tries to slam the door shut but security forces his way in.)

Guy: “F*** off, pig!” *takes swing at security*

(The security guard knocks him out and drags him, unconscious, back to the front desk.)

Security: “Call the police.”

(By then, the guest who had reported the call was there at the front desk.)

Guest: “Wow, he knocked a tough guy like that out? How did he do that?”

Me: “Comes from being an ex boxer, I guess. And being built like a tank.”

(The police came and threw the guy out, and took statements. The guest who reported it surely saved the young girl’s life by alerting us, the ambulance who came said she would need surgery!)

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