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(I work at my dad’s coffee shop, and my dad has made a rule that if anyone comes in or calls on the phone and asks to speak with him, we are to take their contact information and have him get in touch with them rather than interrupting him when he is working. He’s not the manager.

I am working when a young man walks up to the counter. My dad comes up and stands a couple of yards in front of the counter, behind the customer, facing away and doing something on his phone.)

Customer: Hi, is [owner] here?

Me: No, not right now.

Customer: Well, I’m a REALLY good friend of the family, and he was going to leave a job application for me?

Me: (I’ve never seen this guy before, and we don’t have any applications in right now) Oh, okay, well what is your name and number?

(He gives me the information to me and then turns around and walks right by my dad without a second glance. Turns out he was a relative of an acquaintance of my dad’s.)

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