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(I am helping a woman who is too drunk to use the key card reader to get into her room.)

Woman: “My keyssssh won’t workkkk…”

Me: “You probably aren’t putting it in right.”

Woman: “Noooo, it’s the keysssshhh….”

(I take her key and slide it into the reader on the her door. It beeps, flashes green, and opens after I turned the handle.)

Me: “See? Everything’s fine with the key.”

Woman: *swaying* “Noooo, everything’shhh not ok wif it…Look.”

(She shuts the door, locking it, and stabs the keycard into the reader, too fast for it to read. It beeps and flashes red.)

Woman: “Sheeeee? Told you!”

Me: “Ma’am I just opened it.” *opens it again* “Try again, a little slower.”

Woman: *does it super fast again* “Sheeee? SHeeeee!”

(I advise her to stay in her room and sleep, since it was already 3 in the morning. She ignores my advice, goes into her room, leaves, and was stuck outside again! I had to help her back into her room so many times that I lost count that night because she kept leaving it. The best part was when she complained very sincerely the next day to the manager about me giving her a broken key!)