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Customer: Hi. I was at the [Location]’s Pet Expo and I received a natural bone sample from your booth.

Me: (Helping another customer on register, therefore I can only point, and the only one working) Well, all of our natural bones are on this endcap.

Customer: Oh, well it wasn’t really a bone. It’s like True Bone or something.

Me: Well, the only treat we have that has True in the name is True Chews, which is a jerky, not a bone.

Customer: Not it wasn’t a jerky. It was a natural bone.

Me: …Like I said, all of our natural bones are on this endcap. You can take a look to see if anything looks familiar.

Customer: Nah. I have the label at home. I’ll bring it in next time.

Me: (Thinking) Cause that would be too hard to have done today. (I was finally able to check out the customer at the register)

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