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, | Unfiltered | January 8, 2019

My friend and I have been working in a summer camp and have 3 weeks left on our visas to travel. We decide to take the bus from Chicago to SanFrancisco as it was cheaper than flying and we thought we could see some more of the USA instead of just flying over it.

Almost at the end of our journey, a man sits behind us at the back of the bus and strikes up random conversations about travelling before this:

Man: hey.. Do you use deodorant?

Me: (suddenly feeling self conscious because we had been on a bus for 2 days without a shower) yes! I put some on not long ago actually. It’s been a long two days.. I’ll be so glad to shower!

Man: don’t you know that using deodorant causes cancer?! You just don’t know how dangerous that stuff is!

(He then proceeds to give us a good 20 minute lecture on the dangers of deodorant and that it’s a conspiracy of the government and that we will all die young. Finally, we pull up to a rest stop and stands to get out)

Man: Oh good, I’ve been dying for a cigarette!

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