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(I’m the customer in this story, sitting in the cafe, when I see two employees coming out of the Men’s bathroom, talking)

Employee #1: So what do you think he does in there?
Employee #2: I don’t know, but he’s so creepy, I don’t want to deal with him anymore.
(By this point, the two see me staring at them and come over. I’m a regular at this cafe, so they know me well.)
Me: What’s going on?
Employee #1: There’s this strange customer that always comes in and orders the same thing, a strawberry tea. After he leaves, we find the whole sink and the mirror in the bathroom covered in the red liquid.
Employee #2: I actually saw him going into the bathroom with his cup today.
Employee #1: Yeah, we’re pretty freaked out by this. The manager told us to be careful when he comes in.
(They later told me he confessed he was washing his hair with the tea because he thought it smelled good.)