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(A few years ago I was working at a Concession Stand for a [Movie Theater]. When we sell to our customers there’s basically a checklist we have to go through, one of the items on there is to ask if they would like a Rewards card. Barely anyone does but it’s still required. So as I’m ringing up a young couple I do the usual routine)

Me: And would you like to sign up for a [Reward Card] today?

Boyfriend: NO. Can you hurry up? We’re running late for our movie!

Girlfriend: (Whirls around to look at him) There is NO reason to be RUDE!

(I felt a little bad for the guy and quickly intervened)

Me: It’s quite alright ma’am, I’ll just ring up your order and you can be on your way.

(They left without anymore incident, but the next customer in line swaggered up to me with a big smile on his face)

Customer: Isn’t love grand?

(Somehow I stopped myself from laughing, because they were still in earshot)