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I work in a store themed to one fandom. In the middle of the store are 3 outfits designed to just be displayed and dont go o any characters but everyone always tries to say “this outfit was this characters” etc. Usually when i tell people they’re originals for the store they accept it. One day while I was on register (and have a full view of the 3 outfits) this one woman would not give up on trying to put a character to each.

customer: who wore the dress in the middle?

me: no one, its an orginal design to be displayed in the store.

customer: but someone wore it, who?

me: no one, it was designed for the store.

customer: i know, i get that. but that’s [character 1]’s (points to far right outfit), thats [character 2]’s (points to far left), but who wore the middle one? [character 3]?

me: no one wore any of then, they are [fake store owner to theme with fandom] originals designed to be displayed in the store.

customer’s child: she’s told you that 3 times.

customer: i understand what youre saying, but it was based of [character 3]’s dress?

me: NO! its an original! no one wore it!

customer: oh

she leaves with her children who look as fed up and frustrated as i feel now. i didnt realize it was so hard to understand that NO ONE wore the outfit on display, it was designed FOR the store. lol

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One day at work I was going through the shirts in my section and counting them to make sure we had the right number of each size out (we usually don’t worry too much about it as long as we have each size out but it was pretty slow at this moment). As I’m going through the sizes of one shirt, someone walks up to the shirts directly to my right (so were like shoulder and shoulder). I keep counting the one size so i dont lose place with the intent of saying hi and letting them know if they need anything just to ask but then a man (im guessing by voice) comes up behind them but kinda to the side so technically inbetween us but one step back.

Man: *whispering* come on baby, there’s more to see.

Even though I knew he wasnt talking to me, I still tensed and it was awkward and my brain was like “NOPE! I’M OUT!” I continued to count shirts and they left a few moments after that

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I work in a theme park in a shop that has a few different movie replicas for show in the shop to fit our theme. One of these is a large cabinet (you could fit 2 people inside). 2 teenage girls walk in and start having a discussion.

Girl 1: it said the cabinet was in here!

Girl 2: is that it? (points to cabinet)

Girl 1: (looks) no. omg this is so upsetting. (looks ready to cry in a way that makes me assume she spoiled)

They stand there for a minute or so not talking or anything. suddenly the upset girl turns and leans over the counter to me.

Girl 1: do you have (cabinet) in here?

Me: yep its right there (i gesture to the same cabinet her friend poked to)

Girl 1: yay!! (runs over to cabinet)

Girl 2: i said that was it!

Girl 1: (overjoyed and i suspect not really listening) i didnt see it

Pump The Brakes On That Panic Attack

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While in college, my boyfriend undergoes a bone biopsy and will need to recover at home for a few days. Not having a car of my own, I borrow his so I can visit him until he can return to class. What none of us realize is that his car has been slowly leaking brake fluid and today is the day that breaks the camel’s back.

After leaving his house the first day he’s home, I’m driving down the middle lane of a three-lane highway and start to approach a red light. I put my foot on the brake and while the car slows, it refuses to stop. I only have about fifty feet before I will hit a car stopped in front of me at the light. I’m completely panicked, slamming the brake with both feet, trying desperately to stop the car. Being in the middle lane, I can’t pull over and the only other car I’ve ever driven had a pedal emergency brake. This car has a hand e-brake which I don’t know exists at the time.

With only about fifteen feet to go, the car has coasted to about ten or fifteen mph but I know I’m still going to hit the car in front of me.

In a last-ditch effort, I throw the car into park and the car emits a horrendous noise, as you would expect, but I still rear-end the car stopped in front of me, a small SUV. I don’t hit him hard enough to deploy the airbag but hard enough to bring me to an abrupt halt. 

As I was able to see this accident coming, combined with the fear of driving down the highway without brakes, adrenaline has been pouring into my system. I’ve now caused an accident in a car that isn’t mine and that I’m not registered to drive, and I have an out-of-state driver’s license. In our college town, police are notoriously unforgiving of out-of-state college drivers and I’m convinced I’m in loads of trouble. I’m having an absolute, sobbing meltdown in the driver’s seat.

The driver from the car in front of me gets out, takes a brief look at the damage to our cars, and approaches my window. I roll it down and immediately begin rapid-fire apologizing while sobbing. 

Me: “I’m so sorry! My brakes went out and I couldn’t stop and I didn’t mean to hit you and I hope you’re okay and I’m so sorry and I couldn’t stop and I didn’t know what to do and I couldn’t stop and—”

Other Driver: *Very concerned* “Are you okay?”

Me: “I didn’t mean to hit you, but I couldn’t stop and I was so scared and I’m so sorry and my brakes wouldn’t work—”

Other Driver: *Still patient and concerned* “Are you okay?”

Me: “I’m really sorry and—”

Other Driver: *In a very casual tone* “I think you broke a headlight.”

Me: “It’s my boyfriend’s car and he just got out of surgery and the brakes wouldn’t work—”

Other Driver: *Somewhat forcefully* “STOP.”

I fall silent.

Other Driver: *Very calmly* “Are you okay?”

Me: “I’m not hurt.”

At this point, a police officer has arrived and starts to tell me I need to move my car. I’m completely flummoxed because the brakes don’t work and I try telling him this. He keeps insisting I move the car because we’re holding up traffic. The other driver chimes in that I can probably move the car no problem, but if the officer wants me to stop at some point, we’re going to have an issue.

In the midst of all of this, I’ve managed to call my boyfriend who, even though he’s recovering from a very painful procedure, manages to get a ride to the accident scene which is only about ten minutes from his house. He explains that the car has a hand brake and the friend who drove him moves the car to a nearby gas station. The other driver follows us all so we can continue talking to the officer.

At this point, the officer has never asked me for my license, proof of insurance, or anything. He addresses the other driver.

Officer: “Do you want to file an accident report or have us pursue this any farther?”

Other Driver: “Nah. My car is fine. I do more damage than that putting my bike in the trunk. And it’s not like it was really her fault. I’m okay calling it a day if you are.”

Officer: “Sounds good. Have a good day, everyone.”

I never got that other driver’s name but I will always be grateful for how kind and understanding he was. He could have made my day so much worse and it would have been totally justified. Thank you, driver, wherever you are!

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The Grumpy Dwarf Is Hungry

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I am visiting a popular theme park in Florida with my family. We are all really thrilled to be there, and all the employees and cast members have been phenomenal to us. I am next in a long line for some food when the customer ordering just ahead of me starts complaining and asks to see a manager.

Customer: *Angrily, to the manager* “Why is it taking so long? We’re hungry over here!” 

Manager: “Our staff is doing their best to make your meal as magical as possible, sir. I’m sure your meals will be out shortly.” 

I finish my order as they talk, and I stand next to [Customer] as we both wait for our food. I wave over an employee and ask her to get the manager for me. I speak to the manager, loudly so that [Customer] can hear it.

Me: “I just wanted to say thank you; your staff is doing a great job! And the line is moving faster than I expected since it’s so busy. You’re all making our visit magical.”

[Customer] glared at me, but I refused to even look over. The manager’s smile was huge, and I know a few other employees overheard, as well. Hope it made up for the needlessly grumpy guy.

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