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(We are a rising mom and pop restaurant near Downtown Orlando, so we offer lunch special menus M-F 10:30AM-3:30PM excluding holidays at least until sales pick up and we don’t need them. It is Christopher Columbus Day today, a much disputed holiday. It is also Monday. I hear this conversation from behind my desk)

Host: Alright darling what will you be having today?
Customer: Where is your lunch special?
Host: Because it is a holiday our lunch special is unavailable today.
Customer: Even on Monday?

(The host is expressionless.)

There Are Idiots Wherever You Rome

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I am from England, and a friend and I have travelled to Florida for the first time. We’ve been to several theme parks at this point, I think about five days into our holiday. We are at a theme park with various countries set around a lake.

We’re in the queue to meet one of my all-time favourite characters, this one based in the “Germany” pavilion. We’re talking to pass the time, and naturally, people queuing with us hear our accents.

Lady: “Oh, we love your accent; where are you from?”

Me: “England.”

We start talking about England. I am about to explain that we come from an area about ninety minutes or so from London when I get asked this gem.

Lady: “How far away is Rome?”

I blinked at first, slightly confused, as we’d been talking about England. It turned out this person was serious and assumed Rome was somehow in England, and they were shocked when I said you needed to fly there as it was another country.

I politely told the lady to take the time to look at a map of Europe as a whole. I didn’t have time to show them myself. I’m not sure they ever did. I do often wonder why some people seem so unaware of the world outside the USA; I’ve read stories on here, but I still find it baffling.

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(I am working as a costumed character at a famous theme park when a young woman, probably early twenties, walks up wearing a tank top and short-shorts. I wave hello to her.)

Young Woman: Hey, [name of character]!

(We share a hug. I pat her on the back.)

Young Woman : You look so sexy today, [name]!

(I realize she’s slurring her words slightly, like she’s drunk, but ignore it. I do a “who, me?” gesture, but notice her looking down at my shoes.)

Young Woman: *sounding really aroused* And, OH, MY GOD, your shoes. I just want to lick them all over.

(I start to get really weirded out inside my suit, but still try my best to stay in character.)

Young Woman: *trying to sound seductive but slurring at the same time* Hey, [name]. *giggles* We should f*** right here on the sidewalk. How… how’s that sound?

(I stand there completely frozen for a moment, then rapidly shake my head “no.”)

Young Woman: Aw, come onnnnn. You-y-you can squeeze my t**s while I s-I suck on your bare toes…

(I back away slowly, waving my hands in front of me in panic…)

Young Woman: *continuing* …and we can… can ma-make babies together and it’ll b-it’ll be so fun! *giggles* Please…?!

(I’m just shivering inside the suit at this point. At this point, a crowd is forming.)

Young Woman: *quickly becomes angry when I don’t answer her* Fine. If you… if you don’t want to make babies with me, then you won’t be needing these, then, WILL YOU?

(She suddenly runs up and kicks me right between my legs, hard. I fall onto the ground in extreme pain and curl myself up into a little ball. I put my hands over my eyes to mime crying… which I’m trying not to do in real life. Several people from the crowd run up to see if I’m all right.)

Young Woman: F*** YOU, [name]! I… I HOPE YOU BURN IN H***!

(She kneels down and is winding up to punch me in her drunken rage when I get up and run away as fast as I can. I heard later that she had been dragged away by security guards right after I left, and was thankfully banned from the park.)

Living In An Olsen Twin Movie

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In my store, we have a few different choices when it comes to what we wear. Today, my coworker and I wore the exact same thing. My coworker has also dyed her hair to barely a shade darker blonde than me. 

I notice the team lead walk by a few times and every time he does, he does a double-take at us. On one of the passes, he stops.

Team Lead: “You guys are throwing me for a loop today. You’re both wearing the same thing and you’re both blonde.”

I felt bad for him the rest of the day, even worse knowing in a few weeks I was planning to dye my hair red which would then confuse him all over again.

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Doesn’t “Store Spirit” Usually Mean Fake Smiles And Crying Under Your Register?

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I worked in a retail store as a floor associate in the clothing department. For the most part, staff got along really well with each other and management, with one major exception: the store manager.

He was completely oblivious to his own effect on those around him but just assumed he was beloved. He routinely took the customers’ side over staff, made major exceptions to policies to favor the customer in front of the staff member who had tried to explain policy — for example, overriding major price changes because a customer misread a sign, not because the sign was incorrect — and would both encourage “store spirit” among employees but berate us if he found us chatting, even while doing our tasks.

Think Michael Scott, only so much worse and real. 

This all came to a head when the employee satisfaction survey rolled around. While most of the store performed as you’d expect of a major department store employing dozens of part-timers at minimum wage, the store manager received a whopping 8% satisfaction score.

His reaction was to schedule a meeting with each team in the store and demand that we all give him three reasons why we didn’t like him before we were allowed to leave the meeting. He listened to all of our severely-censored reasons — because who says what they think of their boss who could fire them at the drop of a hat to their face? — told us why each of our reasons was wrong, misplaced, or just not fair, and then walked around the store in a funk for a month. 

He quit with zero notice in the middle of a shift. Best day ever.

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