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(*Note: I am a 13 year old girl out grocery shopping with my dad at Wegman’s when we come across a female employee named Brenda selling Tangerines.*)

Brenda: Wanna try a free sample? They’re Sumo Mandarin Tangerines. Only get em once a year! Better buy em now, we won’t have em tomorrow!

Dad: Wanna try one Malia?

Me: Sure! *I walk over to the stand*

*A lady walks over to Brenda*

Lady: You can’t talk to me like that!

Brenda: I’m sorry what?

Lady: You told me I have to buy these oranges!

Brenda: I was only saying you oughtta buy em today if you’re gonna get them, cause we won’t have em tomorrow.

Lady: Excuse me? Do you own this store?

Brenda: No I do no-


Brenda: No lady, I do not own this grocery store.

Lady: Then you have no right to talk to your customers like that!

Brenda: Look, if you’re so worked up about it, then after my shift we can have a discussion.

Lady: Was that a threat?!?!

Brenda: Look here, I said we’d have a discussion, how did you get a threat outta that?

Lady: You can’t threaten me!

Brenda: Well lemme tell you something-

*Lady walks away infuriated*

Brenda: *talking to us* I don’t know what the hell her problem was. I may be 72 years old but I could’ve dropped her. I ain’t taking none of that bullshit.

Dad: *chuckling* What was that about?

Brenda: I just told her that we only have em today so she’d have to buy em now if she wants them!

Dad: Yeah that’s what I heard. Why did she get so offended?

Brenda: I don’t know!

Dad: Some people I guess. But those are delicious! How much are they?

*We get a box of them and are going to get some Thyme*

Me: How did she get offended by that?! That’s so stupid!

Dad: Some people are idiots.

Me: *mumbling* you mean overly-sensitive dicks.