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You Don’t Buy Hotel Rooms, You RENT

, , , | Right | May 11, 2022

I work in a big hotel outside Dallas. I had a state trooper call me one morning.

Trooper: “Have you been to room [number] yet?”

Me: “No, we don’t enter until after checkout time at 11:00 am.”

Trooper: “I just pulled over a speeding car near Louisiana. In the back of their SUV, they had a bunch of stuff with your company’s logo on it — two lamps, every piece of bed linen including mattress protectors, pillow, and towels. They had metal towel racks and a toilet paper holder and everything, all rolled up together. These guys said they thought that since they had paid for a room, they could take the stuff.”

No. No, you can’t. Soap and shampoo, okay. But lamps?

We got our stuff back and the manager didn’t want to press charges.

The funny thing was that rolled up, the stuff looked like a dead body. When he pulled them over, the state trooper drew his gun on the guys and demanded they get out of the car.

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