You Can’t Pin That On Me!

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My partner and I are visiting my hometown to attend a wedding and see my parents. To style my hair for the wedding, I bring some spiral hairpins; imagine a metal double helix about thumb length.

As we’re packing up to leave once the weekend is over, I can’t find my hairpins, but I figure it’s no big deal and they’ll turn up eventually.

A few weeks later, I’m visiting my parents again and I find my hairpins sitting on the bookshelf. I pocket them and go into the kitchen.

Me: “Hey, Mom, thanks for finding my hair things.”

Mom: “Your what?”

Me: “These.”

I show her.

Dad: “Let me see. Aha! See, I told you those weren’t bed springs!”

Me: “Uh, what?”

Dad: “Your mother found those under the bed and was convinced they were some part of the bed frame you and [Partner] had managed to jounce loose. We spent a whole afternoon trying to find where they went before we gave up.”

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