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Wishes They Could Sweep Their Stupidity Under The Rug

, , , | Right | September 4, 2023

I work in the rug department.

Customer: “I want a carpet that’s three metres by two metres.”

Me: “That’s most of the rugs in this section, sir.”

Customer: “I looked already! They’re all 200cm by 300cm!”

Me: “That’s the same size, sir.”

Customer: “Are you stupid? I want a carpet that’s three metres by two metres!”

Me: “Sir, while the units are different, they’re the same size.”

Customer: “Stop bulls***ting me. You’re just too lazy to find what I need.”

I get a tape measure out, and his bluster is cut down by the revelation that one metre is a hundred centimetres. But he still needs to have the last word.

Customer: “Well, they’re in the wrong order anyway! I need three by two, not two by three!”

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