Which One Is Pinky, And Which One Is Brain

| Related | February 21, 2012

(One of my friends from junior high and I always joke that if our little sisters ever met, they’d get together and plot world domination. We have individually met each other’s sisters.)

Me: “I’m home!”

Sister: “Hey! I’m in the kitchen with some friends working on a project.”

(I enter the kitchen, and do a double take.)

Me: “Aren’t you [friend’s] little sister?”

Friend’s sister: “Yeah…aren’t you [my name]?”

(I flip open my phone and dial my friend, while my sister and all her friends look on in confusion.)

Me: “Hey, [friend], remember how we used to joke about what would happen if our sisters ever met?”

Friend: “Yeah?”

Me: “They became friends and neither of us noticed.”

Friend: “Shoot. We have to be nice to them now, don’t we?”

Sister: *mentally connecting the dots* “Wait, [friend’s sister] is the one you were telling me about? That if we ever became friends we would take over the world?”

Me: “Yes.”

Sister and friend’s sister: “Mwahaha!”

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