Adopting A Strange Attitude

| Related | February 22, 2012

(I phone my mum to ask her something. My sister answers, as my mum is driving.)

Me: “Hey, can you try and persuade mum to bring you all to come and visit me in the school holidays?”

Sister: “Sure. Hey mum, God just called he said you have to take us to see [my name] in the holidays.”

(We talk for a few more minutes.)

Me: “And, I got these awesome new Batman Converse shoes.”

Sister: “I want some too!”

Me: “It will cost you £50.”

Sister: “Hang on. Mum, God’s talking to me again. He said you have to give me £50 for some Batman Converses.”

Me: “You are so strange…but if you weren’t, I would think you were adopted or something.”

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