When Rogues Go Berserk

, , , | Related | May 8, 2020

I’m playing a particularly difficult rogue-like game; it’s easily the hardest challenge I’ve ever tried to do. Oftentimes, I can’t make it past the first level, but sometimes I get lucky. This is one of those runs, and my brother is in the room with me. I find one of the best weapons in the game.

Me: “Hey! This is looking good.”

Brother: “Are you sure? I never got too much use out of that.”

Me: “Just wait and see. This weapon could carry me straight to the end.”

I immediately follow this line by getting overconfident, rushing into a horde of enemies, and dying.

Brother: *Chuckles* “Wait and see, huh? I guess I’ll have to wait three more days for that weapon to turn up again.”

Me: *Jokingly* “I never said which end. In this case, it was mine.”

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