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What A Garbage Truck Driver

, , , , | Working | May 15, 2020

I wake up one morning to hear shouting outside and a loud bang against my house. I go outside and find my next-door neighbor on her front lawn shaking her head.

I discover that the Internet cable that runs to my house has been mostly ripped from the building and from the overhead pole and is hanging across the street, stopping traffic.

My neighbor fills me in: apparently, a garbage truck collecting from the apartment building across the street from me did not do a very good turn into the apartment’s parking lot. The wire had gone over the back of the truck and hung behind it, effectively blocking him in.

My neighbor had gone over and let him know that the cable was behind him and that he would have to pull all the way into the parking lot and then turn around; otherwise, he would hit the cable. 

The garbage truck driver then thanked my neighbor, waited until she was far enough away, and then reversed at full speed, ripping down the cable. Then, he gave my neighbor a friendly wave and drove off.

My ISP managed to restring the cable fairly quickly but let’s just say that there were a fair few complaints made to the city that morning. As far as I know, that garbage truck driver hasn’t been back.

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