Well That Went Down The Toilet

| Working | January 10, 2014

(I’m meeting my family for dinner after my work shift. Because my job is close to the restaurant, I just go there straight from work.)

Hostess: “Hi. Welcome to [Restaurant]! How many?”

Me: “My family has a reservation for tonight, but I’m early.”

Hostess: “No problem. Would you like to sit at your table while you wait?”

Me: “Thanks, but I can wait here. Could I use the restroom, though?”

Hostess: “Sure! It’s right through there.”

(I use the facilities and return a few minutes later.)

Hostess: *brightly* “And how was everything?”

(We stop and stare at each other as she realizes what she’s asked me. We both crack up laughing.)

Me: “Everything was great!”

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