We Can Assume That Salad Was Adequately Tossed  

, , , , | Right | September 18, 2019

(Two women are eating salads at my bar. One woman finishes eating way faster than the other.)

Me: “Wow, someone was hungry.”

Woman #1: “Yeah, I hadn’t eaten today and I was famished.”

Woman #2: “Wow, you did eat fast. You really ran on a train on that salad.”

Me: “I… um… don’t think you’re using that phrase right.”

Woman #1: “She definitely isn’t. Don’t tell her; I’ll show her later.”

Me: “Um… okay?”

(They pay a little while later and, as they leave…)

Woman #1: “All right, off to show her what it means to run a train on someone!”

Me: “Have… fun?”

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