A Valid Argument In Detroit

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(I am the moron in this story. My brother is getting married. His wife’s sister and myself are both under 21, so the bride decides we should all go to Montreal for the weekend for her bachelorette party so we can drink. Since I have the biggest car, I drive on the way up there while my sister-in-law-to-be gives directions.)

Sister-In-Law: “It says take I-87 pretty much to the border.”

Me: “Which way?”

Sister-In-Law: “I-87; there is an entrance down by Broadway.”

Me: “Yeah, I know, but am I going north or south?”

Sister-In-Law: *stares at me in disbelief*

Me: “The entrance is coming up soon; I need to know, north or south?”

Sister-In-Law: “Uh, we are going to Canada…”

Me: “Yes, but north or south?”

Sister-In-Law: “Well, we aren’t going to Mexico. Which way is Canada?”

Me: *realizing just how dumb my question was* “Oh, duh!” *we all start laughing hysterically* “How much to never tell my brother—” *who teaches history and geography* “—that this conversation happened?”
Sister-In-Law: “Too late, already texted him.”

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